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To fall in love with God is the greatest romance;
To seek him the greatest adventure;
To find him, the greatest human achievement.
St. Augustine

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Ann Parker Burgess

As an author, wife, mother, and grandmother Ann is never at a loss for things to do and seldom at a loss for things to write about.

From Memphis, TN and surrounding areas Ann brings a wealth of experience and energy to her storytelling.

She is currently published on as well as Wattpad (links can be found below as well as on her website).

You can find out more about Ann and her works by clicking on the corresponding links below.

Ann's Works

Ann's Works

Stories of love, adventure, personal growth, and spiritual revelation are interwoven with a bit of the supernatural to offer the reader page after page of adventure and romance.

Ann touches your heart while sparking your imagination.

Journey from Beale Street in Memphis, TN to the Scottish moors and Highlands of centuries past or from the big Texas ranches to the small towns of the Midsouth.

What We Are About

Ann shares her love of God as well as her love of writing with the world.

You may wish to listen to Ann and Kevin on their YouTube channel listed below.

You can also find her works on Amazon as well as the other sites listed below.

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Long time friend to Ann, fellow author, and website developer.

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